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Meet Vincent Jackson

Vincent is the CEO and visionary behind JayBird Media & Consulting, a company that specializes in everything ranging from photography to videography.

Before Jackson ever became the man with a passion

to create memories and moments through his lens that will last forever, he was just a young boy born and raised in the city of Fordyce, Arkansas.

After taking his talents to the University of Monticello as a top-performing athlete in the game of football, Vincent went on to complete his degree in Communications which led to the birth of the JayBird platform. However, Jackson has always been a man of many talents, everything ranging from sports to the arts. Some would say that his starting of JayBird Media & Consulting is only the start of many great ventures.
But, just like with anything Vince does, he promised himself when he started JayBird Media that he would tell every clients’ beautiful story in their own unique way to the point where the world sees just how beautiful it is too. He promised he would help ones create experiences they would never want to end, and he and his amazing team have been doing that ever since.

"A smile can happen

in a flash, but it's the

memory that can last a


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